Branding for Love at 20% Off

Original price was: KSh4,500.00.Current price is: KSh4,200.00.

Branding for Love is a 20% OFF promotion on all branding services by The Dusty Spice in the month of February. It is open to the first 110 customers.

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The Branding for Love at 20% Off  services below are treated individually and each has its own cost. Combined, they make the Branding for Love package being offered at 20% Off in the month of February. The package includes:

  1. Quick Branding Strategy.
  2. Logo Design (3 samples to choose from).
  3. Final logo with 3 color application options and scenarios.
  4. Font recommendation.
  5. Quick usage guidelines. Do’s and Don’ts of your logo.

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Terms & Conditions of the Promo

  1. The Dusty Spice reserves the right to terminate the promotion anytime before its duration is complete.
  2. The Dusty Spice reserves the right to adjust the promotion as it deems fit.
  3. The Dusty Spice reserves the right to decide which client to engage with in this promotion.
  4. The Dusty Spice can terminate services to client if the engagement is deemed to cause “bad blood ” between the parties. Bad blood herein refers to irreconcilable differences in service execution as determined by The Dusty Spice.



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