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The Philosophy.
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The Talent. The Brand. The Community.


We could say we are a marketing digital agency, but we are not.  We are more than that. How we came to be, defines who we are and what we stand for. Our origins led to our philosophy of work and ethos. The Dusty Spice was born in anguish, it began as a rough idea amongst friends on how they could market their businesses effectively, affordably, and efficiently in a time when they could barely make ends meet. These times of great adversity led the friends to start a movement that would help them and other businesses market themselves in the most organic and authentic way to their customers while establishing a commerce ecosystem that allowed customers and businesses to build relationships that went beyond a mere transaction. 


The community, the brand, and the talent must form a symbiotic relationship for a commerce ecosystem to invariably thrive.


The Dusty Spice’s expertise is not reserved only for the brands but extends to the talent and the community. The talent, the brand, and the community come together to form a commerce ecosystem that leads to organic bonds that allow for all to thrive.


Digital Marketing

  1. Full digital marketing agency services
  2. Content Development
  3. Content Creation
  4. Marketing Research
  5. Business Intelligence
  6. Analytics Reporting

Branding & Design

  1. Branding Strategy
  2. Brand Manual/Book
  3. Logo Design
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Visual Design
  6. Web Design & Development
  7. Mobile App Development
  8. Signage Design
  9. Package Design
  10. Digital Books Design & Publishing
  11. Physical Books Design and Publishing (Cover Design also available)
  12. Studio Design
  13. Office Interior Design

Marketing Services

  1. Below the line Marketing
  2. Product & Services Activation
  3. Marketing Research
  4. NGOs Research
  5. Flyers & Posters Distribution
  6. Signage Fabrication
  7. Models & Ushers for Marketing and Activation
  8. Banner, roll-ups, media walls and billboard design and printing
  9. T-Shirt & Polo shirts Design and Printing. (Embroidery is available too).
  10. Events for Clients
  11. Corporate Gifts


  1. Copy Writing
  2. Content production
  3. Scriptwriting
  4. Radio Ads
  5. Video Ads for TV and digital purposes
  6. Story Boards
  7. Creative Direction
  8. SFX
  9. VFX
  10. 3D Animation
  11. 2D Animation
  12. Media Buying

Photography Services

  1. Events Photography
  2. Advertising Photography
  3. Product Photography
  4. Services Photography
  5. Art & Creative Direction for Photography
  6. Models for shoots

Audio & Video Production

  1. Video shoot for events
  2. Video shoot for products
  3. Video shoot for services
  4. Video shoot for Advertising
  5. Art & Creative Direction for video shoots
  6. Short films
  7. Explainer videos
  8. Movie shoots
  9. Wedding shoots
  10. Content production and Shoots for individuals and /institutions
  11. Professional Live Streaming for Individuals and Institutions
  12. Video Editing
  13. Color Correction
  14. Audio Recording
  15. Voice-over artists
  16. Presenters
  17. Scriptwriting
  18. Story Boards
  19. Jingles & ID sounds
  20. Movie scores
  21. Full music tracks
  22. Voice performers (Musicians/singers/BVs/Backup Singers)

Talent Management

With our large database of carefully selected talent. You can request The Dusty Spice talent to feature on your next great project.

  1. Actors for Adverts and Commercials
  2. Actors for movies and shorts
  3. Voice actors for animation
  4. Narrators
  5. All types of models
  6. Fine Artists
  7. Makeup Artists (Beauty & Movie Makeup)
  8. Painters
  9. Illustrators
  10. Comedians
  11. MCs

Events & Festivals

  1. Sound equipment and DJ
  2. Stage
  3. Lights
  4. Event planning & organization
  5. event marketing items
  6. Ushers and models
  7. Bouncers & Bodyguards
  8. Screens
  9. Performers
  10. Event Deco
  11. Tent booking (Third Party)

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