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The Dusty Spice is made up of an authentic consumer base, talent and business community that is efficiently networked thus guaranteeing growth for everyone who joins. See more below.

Be Bold. Be Outstanding.


We had to think critically about how to move away from the precarious nature of relationships between consumers and businesses, and businesses with marketing agencies/entities. These relationships are usually filled with mistrust, exploitation, and ill-treatment of either party.

The consumer gets poor-quality goods and services from an unscrupulous business while a good business is swindled and preyed on by an unscrupulous marketing agency. All parties suffer because there are no gatekeepers in or out of the commerce chamber. The Dusty Spice bridges this gap for all parties in the most organic and authentic way.

We are not high up in our glass-windowed offices avoiding the masses where the customer is, neither are we at the end of a flashy expensive mobile phone persuading the businesses to open their purses for us.  We are right in the thick of it, meeting the consumers, and gathering feedback and insights on improving our clients’ products and services and adding value for the consumer’s sake. We are in the trenches meeting the businesses and forming authentic, sincere relationships as we try to understand their visions, goals, and dreams and how they run all while building a system that works to increase sales and profitability.

Benefits for Talent.

Time and opportunity are afforded to all by the mere act of existing. Everyone has an in-built talent to benefit both themselves and the world. Getting one’s talent to benefit self is perhaps the most difficult thing to do. Where to start and how to sustain the benefits of one’s talent is a hard nut to crack. How does one get discovered? How does one commercialize their talent? How does one market their talent, and to who does one market their talent? The Dusty Spice answers these questions and provides practical solutions that offer real-world benefits to the talent without exploiting, enslaving, misusing, or preying on the talent.

With The Dusty Spice talent management, the talent is an asset to The Dusty Spice, the business entity/client, and the community. The Dusty Spice puts in place a branding and marketing strategy for the talent and then pairs the talent with a fitting brand.

The talent isn’t just an influencer or brand ambassador but a partner. The talent helps the brand placement to be organic and as natural as possible thus ensuring that the fizzling out that comes when influencers lose traction, does not happen to the brand that the talent represents. The talent is able to adjust accordingly because they rely on feedback from both the audience who are consumers of what they represent and the business which is in partnership with them.

This approach allows the talent to grow a following, create content, build a portfolio, gain added value, collaborate, and inevitably learn and become profitably outstanding.

Benefits for

Just as a child is raised by a village, so it is that man is not an island. We are not only our brothers’ keepers but also custodians of our very selves. For commerce to thrive, the market must be sustainable and the economies of scale must be appropriated fairly so that the consumer is not sucked dry. The Dusty Spice commerce ecosystem is modeled to effectively ensure that the community benefits even as the business benefits. 

Apart from the commercial gain, the community will be able to access quality goods and services verified by The Dusty Spice, find discounts and coupons on The Dusty Spice, and get alerts on new products, services, offers, and events from merchants within The Dusty Spice circles.

The Dusty Spice will also have reviews and recommendations for services and products from members within its community. Exclusive content alerts from The Dusty Spice talent will be served to the community to ensure that you do not miss useful updates on products and services from our exclusive verified brands.

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