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Usually, people speculate, and others lie through their teeth about the cost of starting and sustaining a business in a cosmopolitan town such as Kitengela. Others shoot in the dark or cast their lot and hope to be lucky, but what is the truth on the ground? What realities should an entrepreneur of whatever level grapple with should they decide to set up a business in Kitengela? The Dusty Spice’s 110 Hustles sets out to do the groundwork, the math for you and dives into the good and the ugly of the Kitengela hustle.

Come and embark with us on this intriguing journey, as we interview businessmen and women of different business levels and vocation. We establish the truth of starting a business in Kitengela, the art of sustaining a business in Kitengela, the financing options available, the risks, the pros and cons of setting up a business in Kitengela, we investigate what kind of business thrives in Kitengela. We shall also be giving business and marketing tips and so much more. Put on your learning caps, clean your glasses and let’s get our hands dirty. We shall leave nothing uncovered.

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