Privacy & Data Collection Policy.

It’s good to know what we do with your data. Here you will find an outline of our privacy and data collection policy.

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What is the Privacy and Data Collection Policy and What Does it Cover?

Effective December 16, 2022 

We at The Dusty Spice want you to understand what information we collect, and how we use and share it. That is why we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy. This helps you use The Dusty Spice in the way that is right for you.

In the Privacy Policy, we explain how we collect, use, share, retain and transfer information. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Any information that we may require from you that may be used to identify you will only be used strictly in accordance with this privacy policy. 

  1. What information do we collect?

The information we collect and process about you depends on how you use The Dusty Spice website and mobile apps. For example, information we may collect from you if you provide a product or service may differ from the information we may collect if you are a talent signing up on the Community page. When you use The Dusty Spice website and/or apps, we collect some information about you even if you do not have an account. For the purpose of this document, The Dusty Spice website and mobile apps will be referred to as our products.

1.1 Here is the information we collect:

1.1.1  Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information identifies you or can be used to identify you or contact you. Some personally identifiable information that we may collect from you includes: 

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your email address
  • IP address
  • Telephone number
  • Location
  • Billing and credit card information 

In addition, we may obtain your personally identifiable information from you if you identify yourself to us by sending us an email with questions or comments.

1.1.2 Your activity and information you provide

Using our products, you can send messages, take photos and videos, buy or sell things and much more. We call all of the things you can do on our website “activity.” We collect your activity across our products, as well as any information you provide, such as: 

  • Content you create, like posts, comments or video
  • Content you provide through our camera
  • Messages you send and receive, including their content, subject to applicable law
  • Metadata about content and messages, subject to applicable law
  • Types of content you view or interact with, and how you interact with it
  • Apps and features you use, and what actions you take in them
  • Purchases or other transactions you make, including credit card information
  • The time, frequency and duration of your activities on our products

1.1.3  Friends, followers and other connections

(i) Information we collect about your friends, followers and other connections

We collect information about friends, followers, other users and communities you are connected to and interact with. This includes how you interact with them across our products, and which ones you interact with the most.

(ii) Information we collect about contacts

We also collect your contacts’ information, such as their name and email address or phone number, if you choose to upload or import it from a device, e.g by syncing an address book.

If you do not use our products, or use them without an account, your information may still be collected. 

1.1.4 Information we collect or infer about you based on others’ activity

We collect information about you based on others’ activity. We also infer things about you based on others’ activity. For example:

  •    We may suggest a community member to you through The Dusty Spice’s Community
  •     We may suggest to you a group to join taking into account whether connections that you follow in The Dusty Spice Community belong to the group

1.1.5 App, browser and device information

We collect and receive information from and about the different devices you use and how you use them. Device information we collect and receive includes:

  • The device and software you are using, and other device characteristics
  • What you are doing on your device, like whether our app is in the foreground or if your mouse is moving (which can help tell humans from bots)
  • Identifiers that tell your device apart from other users’, including Family Device IDs 
  • Signals from your device
  • Information you have shared with us through device settings, like GPS location, camera access, photos and videos
  • Information about the network you connect your device to, including your IP address
  • Information about The Dusty Spice website and apps performance on your device
  • Information from cookies and similar technologies 

1.1.6 Information from Partners, vendors and third parties

 What kinds of information do we collect or receive?

We collect and receive information from partners, measurement vendors and third parties about a variety of your information and activities on and off our website and apps.

Here are some examples of information we receive about you:

  • Your device information
  • Websites you visit and cookie data, for example through social plugins 
  • Apps you use
  • Purchases and transactions you make
  • Your demographics, like your education level 
  • The ads you see and how you interact with them
  • How you use our Partners’ products and services, online or in person

Partners also share information like your email address, cookies and advertising device ID with us. This helps us match your activities with your account, if you have one.

We receive this information whether or not you are logged in or have an account on our products. 

Partners also share with us their communications with you if they instruct us to provide services to their business, like helping them manage their communications.

How do we collect or receive this information from partners?

Partners use our integration tools and technologies to share information with us.

These Partners collect your information when you visit their sites or apps or use their services, or through other businesses or organizations they work with. We require Partners to have the right to collect, use and share your information before giving it to us.

1.1.7. Off The Dusty Spice activity

What is off-The Dusty Spice activity?

Off-The Dusty Spice activity includes information that businesses and organizations share with us about your interactions with them. For example, your interactions could be visiting their website or using their app.

How does The Dusty Spice receive your activity?

When you visit a website or use an app, businesses or organizations can share information about your activity with us by using our integration tools.

How is your activity used?

We use your activity to show you things you might be interested in, like events you might want to go to. We also use your activity to show you relevant ads that introduce you to new products and services.

If you have not allowed ads based on data from partners, then this activity is not currently being used to show you ads.

How is your activity secured?

We do not sell your information to anyone.

We prohibit businesses or organizations to share sensitive information with us, such as health and financial information, your date of birth and passwords.

We also require that businesses and organizations provide notice to people before using our integration tools.

2. How do we use your information?

We use information we collect to provide a personalized experience to you, including ads, along with the other purposes we explain in detail below.

For some of these purposes, we use information across our products and across your devices. The information we use for these purposes is automatically processed by our systems. But in some cases, we also use manual review to access and review your information.

To use less information that is connected to individual users, in some cases we de-identify or aggregate information. We might also anonymize it so that it no longer identifies you. We use this information in the same ways we use your information as described in this section.

Here are the ways we use your information:

(i) To provide, personalize and improve our products

We use information we have, including any information with special protections you choose to share, to provide and improve our products. This includes personalizing features, content and recommendations.

How we use information to improve our products

We are always trying to make our products better and create new ones with the features you want. Information we collect from you helps us learn how.

We use information we collect to:

  • See if a product is working correctly
  • Troubleshoot and fix it when it is not
  • Test out new products and features to see if they work
  • Get feedback on our ideas for products or features
  • Conduct surveys and other research about what you like about our products and brands and what we can do better

(ii)How we show ads and other sponsored or commercial content

When you use our products, you see ads and sponsored or commercial content, like product listings. You also see ads shown through The Dusty Spice platforms when you visit other apps. We want everything you see to be interesting and useful to you.

To decide what to show you and others, we use information we have about you, including:

  • Your profile information
  • Your activity on and off our products, including information we receive through cookies and similar technologies, according to your settings
  • Things we infer about you, like topics we think you may be interested in
  • Information about your friends, followers or other connections, including their activity or interests

(iii) How we use location-related information

We use location-related information that you allow us to receive if you turn on the Location Services device setting. This includes things like your GPS location and, depending on the operating system you are using, other device signals.

We also receive and use some location-related information even if Location Services is turned off. This includes:

  • IP addresses, which we use to estimate your general location. We can use IP addresses to estimate your specific location if it is necessary to protect the safety and security of you or others
  • Your and others’ activity on our products, like check-ins and events
  •  Information you give us directly, like if you enter your current location on your profile, or provide your address in Marketplace

We use location-related information, such as your current location, where you live, the places you like to go and the businesses and people you are near, to do the things described in the “How do we use your information?” section of the Policy, like:

  • Provide, personalize and improve our products, including ads, for you and others
  •  Detect suspicious activity and help keep your account secure 

(iv) To promote safety, security and integrity

We use information we collect to help protect people from harm and provide safe, secure products.

(v)To provide measurement, analytics and business services

Lots of people rely on our products to run or promote their businesses. We help them measure how well their brand, ads and other content are working.

(vi)To communicate with you

We communicate with you using information you  have given us, like contact information you have entered on your profile. 

 (vii) To research and innovate for social good

We use information we have, information from researchers and datasets from publicly available sources, professional groups and non-profit groups to conduct and support research, and to advance innovation for social good.

3. Sharing and Disclosure

3.1. Sharing With Your Consent or at Your Direction

Where you provide consent, we share your information as described at the time of consent, such as when authorizing a third-party application or website to access your Dusty Spice account or participating in promotional activities by The Dusty Spice partners or third parties.

Where permissible under applicable law, we may use certain information about you, de-identify it, and share it with social media platforms to generate leads, drive traffic to The Dusty Spice, or otherwise promote our products and services.

3.2. Sharing to Service Providers

To help facilitate bookings or other interactions between clients and service providers, we may need to share certain information such as:

When you book a service with a service provider hosted on our platforms, certain information may be shared about you to the service provider, including profile, name, location, phone number and other information you choose to share and submit. 

We share personal information with affiliated and unaffiliated service providers to help us run our business and for their compliance purposes. These providers are contractually bound to protect your personal information.

 3.3. Information You Publish in Profiles and other Public Information.

You can make certain information publicly visible to others, such as:

  • Your public profile page, which includes your profile photo, first name (or initials where applicable), description, and location
  • Content in a community or discussion forum, blog, or social media post.

We may display parts of your public profile and other Content you make available to the public on third-party sites, platforms, and apps.

3.4. Complying with Law, Responding to Legal Requests, Preventing Harm and Protecting our Rights.

We may use or disclose your personal data in order to comply with a legal obligation, in connection with a request from a public or government authority, or in connection with court or tribunal proceedings, to prevent loss of life or injury, or to protect our rights or property. Where possible and practical to do so, we will tell you in advance of such disclosure.

4. Cookie Policy

We will send cookies to your browser to help you use The Dusty Spice website and for other business purposes. For more information on how we use cookies and how you can control them, please see our Cookies Policy.

5. Retention and Deletion

We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary for the purpose for which that data was collected and to the extent required by applicable law. When we no longer need personal data, we will remove it from our systems and / or take steps to anonymize it. 

We will never sell your information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with applicable law. If we do so, we will post the revised Privacy Policy and update the “Last Updated” date at the top. In case of material changes, we will also provide you with notice of the modification by email at least thirty (30) days before the effective date. If you disagree with the revised Privacy Policy, you can cancel your Account. If you do not cancel your Account before the date the revised Privacy Policy becomes effective, your continued access to or use of The Dusty Spice platform will be subject to the revised Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

To request a copy of your information, unsubscribe from our email list, request for your data to be deleted, or ask a question about your data privacy or if you have complaints about this Privacy Policy or The Dusty Spice’s handling of personal information, please contact us on

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