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You can book services from our list of vendors who are verified by The Dusty Spice. From Bakers to make-up artists to hair stylists and may more. Once you make a booking, everything else shall be facilitated by us to ensure you have a smooth unforgettable experience.

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We could say we are an advertising digital agency, but we are not.  We are more than that. How we came to be, defines who we are and what we stand for. Our origins led to our philosophy of work and ethos. The Dusty Spice was born in anguish, it began as a rough idea amongst friends on how they could market their businesses effectively, affordably, and efficiently in a time when they could barely make ends meet. These times of great adversity led the friends to start a movement that would help them and other businesses market themselves in the most organic and authentic way to their customers while establishing a commerce ecosystem that allowed customers and businesses to build relationships that went beyond a mere transaction. 

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